Winter Is Coming: Is Your Home Prepared?




Winter is coming, and it will be here before you know it! As the seasons change, so does our lifestyles. Rather than just switching up t-shirts for winter jackets, it’s also time to prepare your home for the colder weather and cozy nights in spent snuggled under woolly blankets.

It’s time to shake off the winter rut, and instead, make your home warm and welcoming with these 8 tips to prepare your home for winter:

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1. Clean The Gutters

Cleaning and clearing the gutters will remove all of the dry leaves, and ensure that downpipes don’t get blocked or that water backs up in the gutters.

If gutters overflow there is a chance that water can enter the home, and end up causing significant water damage which can destroy both the house and your possessions, as well as end up needing expensive repairs.

Gutters can also be the perfect breeding ground for spiders, cockroaches and even mice. Cleaning the gutters will stop pests from breeding, and entering your home.

2. Dust Your Home From Top To Bottom

You’ve heard of Spring Cleaning, but what about pre-Winter cleaning. Wait, what? Before insulating windows, and bringing out the rugs, it’s best to give your home a thorough seasonal clean to get rid of any dust and excess clutter throughout your house.

3. Window Coverings

It’s time to insulate your windows for the freezing winter ahead. Consider investing in insulated or layered curtains or roller blinds. While there is an initial outlay, the reduction in the heating bill means they more than pay for themselves, with insulation preventing up to 70% of heat from leaking out of the windows!

If you prefer more stylish sheer curtains, you can use a window insulation kit instead to help retain the heat in your home.



4. Set The Thermostats

Instead of having to switch on and off the thermostat and manually raise or lower the temperature depending on how you feel, try pre-programming the thermostat to switch on automatically at a particular time. It can work wonders for your home, and what’s better than arriving home from a long and chilly commute to a cozy and inviting home.

Automating your thermostats can also lead to substantial electricity bill savings, as they will be only running at their optimal levels to keep your house heated.

5. Draft Guards

Nothing is worse than being all snug, and then suddenly you get hit with an ice cold draft. Not only is it unpleasant and can lead to a common cold, but it also causes an excessive heating bill. Draft guards stop heat from leaving through the holes or cracks under the door, while at the same time offer more efficient and effective heat retention for your home.

6. Cover Hardwood Floors

Now is the time to bring out the rugs to cover up any tiles or hardwood floors. They provide a practical and stylish way to keep your house cozy during the coldest of winters. No more chills as you unexpectedly step barefoot onto a hardwood floor! Another benefit of using rugs is they help to retain heat instead of letting it escape like hardwood floors do.



7. Time to Throw The Blankets

Now is the perfect time to invest in some soft, thick throw blankets and rugs for your sofa to add a touch of warmth and texture to your living room. They are perfect to snuggle under through the freezing nights, with your loved ones and pets.

8. Replace Old Linen and Towels

As the seasons change, it’s ideal to clean out your linen cupboard. Throw out any faded, torn, or ripped sheets or towels, and replace them with soft, thick and fluffy towels and linen sheets, to add some extra comfort to your home during the colder months.


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