Move In Cleaning Guide For New Homeowners

Moving into a new home is an exciting time. A new chapter of your life, and time for a fresh start. In all of the excitement, it’s easy to overlook the dreaded move in clean.

If you are only moving across town, or interstate to Brisbane or the Gold Coast, it’s highly recommended to do thorough move in cleaning of your new home before the moving van arrives with all your stuff.

It will also help you to feel clean in your new home and help you to settle in while feeling comfortable to use the shower, toilet, and the kitchen.

Here is the definitive move in cleaning guide for new homeowners:

The Best Time To Clean A New Home

While it can be easy to put off, this is the easiest time to clean a house because there is nothing to have to move, or clean around – meaning it’s easier to give a deep clean to every nook and cranny.

However, if you plan to do any renovations, painting, or installations, then it’s best to hold off until after these have been completed.

In The Zone

It’s best to break down the home in zones, this will make the whole process easier, and that you don’t miss anything.

Work From Top To Bottom

By working from the top of the room to the bottom, and in a clockwise motion will make sure to not miss any areas, and also not having to redo anything, as dust or debris can fall from the roof, fans and walls onto the floor.


Cleaning Steps For The Whole Home

The following should be carried out in every room around the house

– Dust the light fixtures – ideally removing them and wiping clean the fixture

– Clean the ceiling corners and mouldings using a high-duster or step-ladder to remove cobwebs and dust

– Vacuum the air vents in the ceilings, walls, and floor

– Disinfect the door handles and light switches

– Spot clean the  walls to remove any scuff marks

– Wipe down and dust the door frames and doors

– Clean the windows including the frames, sills and glass

– Vacuum and mop all the floors (after you have done everything else first – otherwise you will have to redo this!)

Entrance and Open Spaces

– Clean the front closet including the exterior door, inside mirror, shelves, and sliding door track

– Wipe the handles and rails of staircases


– Replace the shower curtain

– Clean the exhaust fan

– Clean the medicine cabinet and mirror

– Wipe the sink, vanity top, faucets, and the interior/exterior cupboards and drawers

– Clean and disinfect the toilet, and the floor

– Scrub the bathtub, tiles, shower fixtures, glass doors

– Clean the toilet paper holder and towel bar


– Clean the laundry sink

– Wipe down the exterior of laundry appliances, as well as the tops and sides

– Clean the interior of the laundry appliances including the ducts of the dryer

Rooms – Bedrooms / Living / Dining / Office

–  Clean the interior closets

– Wipe shelves, baseboards, and corners

The Kitchen

– Clean the exterior and interior of cupboards and drawers such as shelves, doors, underside, hinges

– Clean the backsplash making sure to remove stains, grease or build up.

– Thoroughly wipe the counters

– Clean the dishwasher

– Clean the stove and oven racks. Make sure to pull the stove out and clean the area behind the stove also.

– Pull out the fridge, give it a thorough clean, be sure to clean the drip pan underneath and the coils

– Clean the overhead exhaust – and replace the filter if required

– Clean the faucet and sink, as well as the drain

The Garage

– Sweep and mop the floors

– Clean any oil stains

Tasks Recommended for Professionals

So you’ve followed the move in cleaning guide, and have a home you feel comfortable. What next?

There are some tasks which are strongly recommended to use professional cleaning services which includes:

– Steam cleaning carpets

– Duct cleaning

– Fireplace cleaning

– Curtain cleaning


How To Stay Motivated

This may seem extremely overwhelming, but with a focused cleaning session and by following the move in cleaning guide it’s possible to get it all done within a day – even faster if you have the help of your family or friends.

To stay motivated, think about this great new home you are moving into, and as you clean each section, visually plan how you will layout the room, and how it is going to look in future.

Move in cleaning seems to happen with an extremely tight deadline before the removalist arrives. To be able to perfectly coordinate your schedule, it’s important to use a removalist who will show up on time.

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