Whether you work from home remotely one day per week, or you have your own business based at home, it can often be challenging to keep your workspace clean.

Without a boss watching over you, it’s hard to find the motivation to clean your home office! 

Which is why this step-by-step guide makes it easy you keep your office tidy, and functional.


Getting Organised

Let’s get organised! Having a home office can end up looking like a disaster if left unchecked. These simple steps will help you overcome even the worst home office mess!

Step 1. Install one or two wall shelves. These shelves will help to reduce clutter from your desk instantly. Use the shelves to store any books, folders, or notebooks.

Step 2. Start to transition to a paperless office. Doing so may be difficult at first, and take a while to go completely paperless. First, allow yourself only one filing cabinet to keep all of your important documents and filing.

Step 3. Install a whiteboard near your desk, and use erasable markers. A whiteboard allows you to take notes when required, without having to use many post-it notes, and pieces of paper which add to a cluttered desk.

Step 4. Add a bin to your home office. Keep all your trash in the one place, and cut back the time it takes to clean. Strengthen your basketball shot at the same time!

Step 5. Get a pen holder for your desk. Having one place to keep all of your pens, markers, and pencils will help keep your desk clutter free.

Now that you’ve got your home office more organised, it’s time to move onto cleaning.


CleanYour Home Office

With the clutter gone from your home office, it will reduce the time it takes to clean and make things a lot easier. If you clean your home office daily or weekly, it can cut back the time it takes you, as well as increasing your productivity.

Step 1.    Hunt through your desk and office for any pens or pencils you can find scattered and put them in the pen holder. You’ll find pens you have long forgotten about.

Step 2.    Sort through any old receipts you find and recycle them (unless they are related to business expenses). Also go through any flyers, junk mail, or other paperwork which is no longer needed, and recycle it.

Step 3.    Consider keeping a digital copy of your business paperwork and shredding and recycling the paper version. Either by using a scanner or your smartphone and a scanning app makes this more accessible than ever before.

Step 4.    Dust your computer, keyboard, desk, mouse, and lamp.

Step 5.    Use a disinfectant to wipe down any surfaces



Maintaining Your Home Office

Your home office should be seen as a place for you to work and do your job. Keeping it clean and organised is the first step to ensuring you are productive and meet all of your deadlines.

To keep your space neat and tidy, you should ensure to do the following:

Step 1.    Wipe down all the surfaces daily – it will only take a few minutes, and leave your workspace feeling perfectly fresh and clean.

Step 2.    Use a hand vacuum for your chair and the area directly around your desk, perfect for any food crumbs which may have fallen on the floor.

Step 3.    Once a week give your desk and all the surfaces in your home office a thorough dusting.

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