How to Clean Your Holiday Rental (and Impress Your Guests)



Keeping your holiday home and Airbnb investment in pristine condition is critical to ensuring guest happiness and enjoyment. A fresh and clean house which looks like advertised will strongly increase the chance of receiving great reviews and your guest’s referrals to friends and family! This can be easier said than done if you don’t live near your holiday home, so here are suggestions on how to keep things looking pristine.


There are four different types of holiday home cleaning and maintenance, which include:

Regular Changeover Clean

Unless you personally manage and clean your holiday home, then you will most likely hire a professional cleaning service. This type of cleaning should be done between guests leaving and the next ones arriving, which can often be on the same day.

It’s essential to create an inventory for the home and to first inspect every item on the list, to make sure there is no damage or missing items. Another benefit of having an inventory is that it usually makes guests have more respect for your holiday home, and its contents.

After inspecting all items, it’s time to clean the holiday home. You should create a checklist to be followed for each clean. However, it’s not just about focusing on cleaning, but also presenting the holiday home in a way that it makes it appear clean. Is everything in the correct and logical place?

The SnapClean app allows you to create a custom cleaning checklist that is shared to our cleaning team, so as an owner you know the things you specified will be cleaned each time.

You can also use apps like Properly that allow you to set how you would like each room to be presented for your guests.

Cleaning insides count! Occasionally you may need to do a bigger more thorough clean or you may start to see those precious ratings drop!

It’s usually in the smaller details which give guests an impression of a house being clean or dirty. Things such as dirt and grime build up inside of drawers and cupboards, a stained microwave, the detergent drawer of the washing machine, limescale build up in the kettle, etc. These very subtle details can give the impression of a dirty home, no matter how thoroughly it has been cleaned, and also the difference between a 5-star rating, or less!

Mid-Stay Clean

Depending on the duration of your guests stay, you may also wish to offer mid-stay cleaning at a fee, which can help increase guests enjoyment of the property, as well as to make sure that your home is always well looked after and maintained. This clean should focus on refreshing the home by changing the bedding, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the floors, and taking out the trash.



Maintenance and Repairs

Over time, and with people coming and going, this will lead to general wear and tear of a home, and this type of regular maintenance includes things such as replacing light bulbs and fixtures. Also, fix leaking taps or toilets, installing new blinds, repairing tracking of sliding doors, hanging mirrors and artwork to add to the appeal of the home, etc.

There are other larger problems which may present themselves when your guests stay, and if this occurs it’s a good idea to immediately fix the problem. Otherwise, it can get worse over time, and lead to an increase in repair costs, as well as to possibly receive a lower review score. For more significant things like a broken window, gas leak, or busted shower, it’s good to have a list of reliable local tradesmen who you can contact for an emergency.



 Long Vacancy Clean

There comes a time when your property may experience a more extended period of vacancy with no bookings, particularly during the winter months. This makes an ideal opportunity to deep clean the holiday house. Things like washing the curtains, shampooing, and steam cleaning the carpet, turning over the mattresses, doing garden work and cleaning gutters. Also, give any outside furniture a dust and clean.

It’s also a good idea to turn off all the electrical items, as well as to have a professional perform safety checks on all appliances and electrical wiring. Regularly testing smoke alarms and changing their batteries is also essential. Also, have a fire risk assessment undertaken on the property.

This is the perfect chance to focus on improving the first appearances and impression that your home makes, and it starts with the main entrance – get rid of any spiderwebs, give the front door a new coat of paint, clean the lighting outside, as well as clean the property name sign.

Also replace any chipped or damaged glasses or plates, as well as broken toasters, kettles, etc. Consider upgrading heavily worn bed linen and towels as well – it’s indescribable the difference this can make to the guest’s overall experience and perception of your holiday home.

Once you’ve upgraded everything, and given it a thorough clean, it’s the best time to take new, well-lit photos of the property which capture the home at it’s very sparkling best! Higher quality photos can do wonders for marketing and see an increase in bookings!


SnapClean is Australia’s leading professional home and domestic cleaning service. Are you worried about your guest’s first impression of your holiday home? Stop stressing, and let us take care of cleaning your AirBnb or holiday rental for you!