How to clean a bathroom like a professional cleaner!


If there’s one thing people hate more than cleaning dirty pots, it’s cleaning the bathroom, unless you have a secret pleasure to scrub grubby tiles with a brush until it all shines, you might be interested in these bathroom cleaning tips:

So we’re going to tell you some industry secrets that professional cleaners use every day.

The SnapClean strategy is:

  1. Having everything ready (Cleaning tools and equipment)
  2. Having the right plan of action

The Professional Home and Domestic Cleaner’s Box of Tools

  • Have a scrubbing brush, clean dry rags, a sponge, a soft lint free cleaning cloth and paper towels
  • An old toothbrush (Helps with cleaning around faucets and drains)
  • Wear rubber gloves at all times
  • Variety of different cleaning products
  • A face mask (Depending on how harsh the chemicals you’re using are, it can be very unhealthy to be inhaling these fumes)

Professional Bathroom Home Cleaning


Now it’s time for the strategy

The Professional Home and Domestic Cleaner’s Strategy

  1. Clean EVERYTHING at the same time. Doing bathroom cleaning in small parts (The toilet on Monday, the shower on Tuesday and the sink on Wednesday) just doesn’t cut it and lowers the overall quality of the work. If you don’t attack it all at once, it will leave you feeling like your bathroom is never completely clean and often leads to frustration and stress.
  2. Spray everything with the right solutions at the beginning – Leave the mirror for the moment and spray them when you want to clean them, but leaving bleach on shower tiles for as long as possible allows you to get the deepest possible clean.
  3. Use disinfectants for the toilet bowl (inside and out), bathtub, shower stall and the sink. Let it all soak in as you start cleaning the outside of the toilet bowl, then the rim, the lid the area behind the seat and the base of the toilet and floor.
  4. Now clean the bathtub and shower, scrub and rinse, put a lot of focus on the areas where mildew may have formed, always clean from top to down.
  5. Clean the sink and mirror. To avoid a streaked look on your mirror, first spray your window cleaner onto your cloth, then wipe the mirror down. Top to bottom and in circular motions.
  6. Use furniture polish if you have a wooden cabinet in the bathroom or around the sink
  7. Then clean the floor. A cheap and easy cleaning solution is a 50-50 mix of water and vinegar.
  8. Final Step – Throw the vinegar water in the toilet bowl, let it sit for 3 minutes and then flush.

(Please note: Vinegar should not be used on other surfaces (E.g. Marble or stone floors) as it can cause damage)

Now you have a perfectly clean bathroom at a professional home and domestic cleaner level!

We always recommend outsourcing your mundane and stressful home and domestic cleaning work to SnapClean, as it free’s up and average of 4-6 hours every week for you to spend that time doing what’s important, and takes all the stress of home cleaning out of your life.