8 Easy Ways To Stop Your House Smelling Like Dogs

Ever get the feeling you are sharing a kennel with your dog? A Dog isn’t just a pet, it’s a family member and offers many special memories – but odours aren’t one of them!

Have friends stopped coming round to visit, but you’re unsure why? Just because you have pets, doesn’t mean your house has to constantly smell like them!


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Here are 8 easy ways to stop your house smelling like dogs.

dog lying down inside

1. Clean Your Dog’s Bed Weekly

This is the biggest odour killer – clean your dog’s bed at least once a week. Giving the bedding a good wash will eliminate the odours from the fabric, which is essential to having your house smelling fresh.

It’s best to get a dog bed which has anti-microbial properties to help resist odours and has a removable cover. First, machine-wash the cover, and then use a pet vacuum for the cushion.

For a bed without a cover or stronger odours, leaving baking soda on the cushion overnight can do wonders.

2. Vacuum Everything

There may be nothing better than snuggling with your pet on the sofa while binge watching Netflix, but along with that comes the ‘dog smell’. For any furniture that your dog sleeps on, it should be cleaned as frequently as the dog bed itself, and given a thorough vacuum.

Once a month, you should also take apart the furniture and give it a good hard clean. Remove the covers and wash them with a high heat, then move onto vacuuming the sofas, cushions, mattresses and any other furniture your dog may lie on. Make sure to clean under the furniture too.

3. Buy an Air Purifier

The most effective way to reduce odours and allergies in the air is with an air purifier which has a carbon filter, which will keep your house feeling and smelling fresh in no time.

While air purifiers require little maintenance, it’s still important to clean them on a regular basis to ensure they remain effective, especially since they can become clogged with dog hair over time.


4. Groom Your Dog Regularly

While not eliminating pet odour forever, bathing and grooming your dog can help to significantly reduce it. A good bath will get rid of bacteria and remove any dead skin cells making your fur baby less smelly, and more hygienic. It is important for your dog’s health to practice regular grooming.

However, bathing your dog too often can dry out and damage the skin. A clean once a month with a professional groomer is ideal to reduce pet smell unless your pooch gets up to some mischief and becomes unusually dirty.

5. Keep Your Dog Fresh

Cleaning the house to remove your dog’s odour can be pointless if your dog smells because then your whole house will too! Between monthly baths, freshen up your furry friend by using waterless shampoo as well as bath wipes, which will keep your puppy feeling fresh between baths. They are great for paws as well.

6. Wash Your Dog’s Collar Frequently

Probably the worst smell from your beloved dog comes right from the collar. Ever sniffed your dog’s collar? GROSS! How can it smell so bad! It’s a good idea when your dog has a bath to wash the collar at the same time. I mean, you don’t have a shower and put back on your dirty clothes, I hope!

If the collar is extremely gross, it may be time to replace it. A collar and leash made with non-odour absorbing material is a great idea.


7. Wipe Dog Paws

Anytime a dog goes outside, keep a towel and an absorbent doormat next to the door to clean your dog before coming back inside, this will reduce the amount of dirt and grime being brought into your house.

8. Get Rid of Carpet in Your Home

While taking it to the next level, removing carpets from your home can be a highly effective way to get rid of dog odours. Did you know that carpet fibres actually trap mud, dirt, pet dander, feces and vomit which makes them very challenging to properly clean?

Carpets also retain odours, so even when cleaning your house thoroughly, some odour will always remain. While drastic, replacing carpet with hardwood floors will instantly get rid of the odour, and can also offer relief from pet or dust allergies.


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